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Young Rhythms Camps

Purposeful and explicit development and wellbeing

Journeys philosophy is to be an extension of your schools values and aspirations in the experiential learning setting – a long term partner.


Young Rhythms Camps deliver the full breadth of our meta-program with personal development and wellbeing modules switched in to suit your aspirations. School values and language are integrated into programs and Journey delivery teams are briefed and prepared in detail.


The foundations of Young Rhythms Camp programs include strengths work, meditation and cohort building affirmation sessions. However camp must be a camp first and foremost and we ensure that it is – fresh, adventurous, edgy and great food.


Young Rhythms Camps can have entry level introduction to outdoors hikes embedded which are short and simple but still progress through all the bushwalking and campcraft teaching. Additionally, very positive themes such as Survivor or Amazing Race or The Briefcase can be layered on top.


Young Rhythms Camps can be delivered at accredited JDP hardtop camps like Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp, on traditional hikes or within cultural immersion journeys.




Who does Journey currently partner with?

“Our year 8’s absolutely loved the challenging, thrilling and thought-provoking Young Rhythms Program at Kinglake…The skills they gained from their camp experience were so important at this stage in their development.”  SHELFORD GIRLS GRAMMAR

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