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Achieving team building through engaging scenarios

Journey programs with a theme have at their core our research informed and tried and tested organisation development processes. You can expect to make great advances in wellbeing, personal communications and in particular, relationships. This is all achieved in the context of an engaging scenario. These concepts are absolutely fundamental to healthy and functional teams.

You can expect to cover wellbeing, personal communications, explanatory style, character and functional strengths and relationships. All in the context of a fun and engaging theme.

There are tangible takeaways from the program (beyond bandanas and flags) which take the form of a relationship map of the team and also a strengths profile. Both very informing tools and unique to Journey programs.

The Survivor theme for example is a highly competitive and engaging theme and the sometimes “dry” organisation development processes are totally invisible as they are embedded in the fun and competition. Each day on the two night program, Survivors are up before sunrise and run into the evening for tribal council on the last evening.

Journey and KRWC provided NAB Credit Risk & Collections Talent Team with a two-day workshop aimed at identifying strengths and building relationships within the team. The Journey team were fantastic in meeting our objectives for the workshop. Both before and during the event they remained continuously flexible and accommodating to any changes made. The team members were knowledgeable and passionate about their community and were happy to share this with us. The environment allowed the perfect setting to take people out of their comfort zone with a range of activities that enabled individuals’ strengths and personalities to shine through. The activities provided both physical and mental challenges, including a “survivor” theme, navigation skills, and water ropes course to mention just a few. Sharing our strengths and having others endorse them provided a very powerful and humbling experience. Overall, Journey showed great passion and enthusiasm for the challenges and our team. It enabled an encouraging and supportive environment that facilitated the team in reaching the objectives of the event.

Lauren Cuffe

HR, National Australia Bank

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