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The missing ingredient is created or nurtured by the WBA program. A better Saturday!

After establishing a ‘special’ and safe environment, a whole series of initiatives are tackled, some together and some alone. Some focus on going within – the self, some on between team mates and some (often unplanned by the Journey team) are above – what we all know as culture. An overnight program will create or forever change the culture of your whole team or it will consolidate an already positive culture! Remember – to bring about change you must DO! A Journey program IS taking that action. The one percenters will come often, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts and the team WILL be more successful. Improved team coachability and leadership assessment is a natural by-product.

On behalf of Kangaroo Flat Netballers I would like to thank Col and his wonderful staff for our pre season trip to Kinglake Wilderness camp. Right from my first contact with Col he was very helpful and organised. Our day was fantastic with the girls enjoying a range of activities ranging from physical tasks like the rock climbing wall and rope wall to ice breaker and team building activities. The afternoon session saw the girls compete the wildergaining mission which involved all team members having a role to play in solving clues and completing many fun tasks. All players enjoyed the day and got alot out if it. This trip to the camp has provided a real bonding experience for all of our netballers. Finally the food at the camp is amazing. I would highly recommend Kinglake wilderness Camp to any sporting group or school group wanting a well run fun experience.

Jannelle Hobbs

Head Coach, KFFFNC

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