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Fresh Eyes

A teambuilding and organisation clarity program
Journeys Fresh Eyes program will change your organisation and its people from the moment you finish it! Never to be the same!

The program brings together many processes of teamwork and introspection and participants will consider the paradigms the organisation works with. It explores relationships both between workmates and between them and ‘the organisation’. It is quite a journey together and it is enormously engaging and fun.

Make no mistake however, profound change will be occurring in this program. Our programs are accompanied by a workbook which has theme materials and also many of the underlying tools and processes documented. Fresh Eyes is a three day and two night journey that will change your team because it will change the relationships between them and the organisation.

The Fresh Eyes program is relevant to ANY organisation or group! Groups will be changed the very next time they arrive at the workplace

In bringing together our national team each year we have always included a ‘team building’ activity in proceedings. This year we decided to dedicate the full two days to a focus on team building. We could not be more delighted by the experience and results provided by Colin and his fabulous team. It makes our previous team building  efforts look a bit amateurish and has provided a personal development experience that everyone in the team has thoroughly enjoyed and will value for some time to come. I am sure we will be back! —-Participant “It was awesome.  Best corporate team building event I’ve been on!”—- Kate Evans

Director – Infrastructure Advisory Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

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