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Journeys Underpinning Methodology

Research informed and experience honed

Journey programs are research informed and documented by our director Col French who has a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and close to 20 years experience designing and delivering. In 2021 at the annual worldwide conference of the Association for Experiential Education, Col was invited to present a workshop titled “The wellbeing research firehose – What does it mean for experiential education”.  Journey truly is at the cutting edge of the NEW experiential education wave.


The experiences Journey designs and delivers are carefully sequenced based on experiential learning methodology and are also informed by learning retention research, multiple intelligences theory and learning styles theory. The attention to the latter two theories is to ensure broader engagement and provide activities where different students will have an obvious space to more proactively lead or have success. In collaboration with you, we document and publish the design of each program (the meta program) before we get to the detail. We call this process the “Integration Chat”.


Most of our programs by default include strengths work, meditation and cohort affirmation processes which connect strongly with the SWPBS framework. In addition to these processes we usually allow schools to choose one, or two if it is a week long program, personal development and/or wellbeing processes that will get specific focus and outcomes. Our many years of experience has enabled us to develop amazing program components that MUST sit seamlessly in the experience – and they do. We are passionate about ensuring that camp, hike or journey are first and foremost still a camp, hike or journey.

The areas where we do provide specific focus options are listed below. We know it is easy to say that any camp or hike or journey programs ‘develop leadership’ or ‘strengthen relationships’ as most programs generally will do this. However, when you chat to us, ask us to show you our unique intellectual property in these spaces and how we embed delivery within experiences. 


Low res sample of a meta-program and program outline appear below.




Personal Development Skills

A variety of small program personal communications components that are dwarfed by our incredible multi-day Tree Talk process. Talk about paradigm shift.

Based on SMART planning but even more accessible for most.

Our famous “Noticing Leadership” process never fails to develop.

Wellbeing Skills

Resilience is a meta concept of course and our Bounceback/SNAP process puts resilience into perspective, normalises issues and provide tangible tools that will stick.

Two processes depending upon the context and maturity of the group. “I Can Speak For You” and “Relationship Tree”.

For most of us, a poor relationship hand is the number one most risky thing for our resilience that could exist. Loneliness kills. Ostracising kills. Toxic relationships drag us down.

One of our favourites. Our definition of meditating is anything you find yourself doing where you have little anxiety about the future, little angst about the past and you are in the present. It’s everywhere and we explore the concept in our “Wellbeing” process.

Science just keeps on giving on this topic and our “Growth Mindset” process is always in danger of getting overweight, so we keep trimming it.

Our mature “About Me” is a multi-part process that truly bridges the research-to-making a difference gap.

Our “Worth Noticing” process is light weight but powerful – for life!

Meta Program

Detailed Program

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Kew High School has been attending Kinglake Forest Adventures since 2013. We chose KFA as it offered a different experience from other camps. Over the past seven years we have benefited from new and exciting activities offered to our students but the one main consistent point is their attention and dedication to their ethos in wellbeing and positive psychology which is integrated into and around each and every activity. As the school I have always enjoyed being part of the conversation about what else can be implemented into our program to make it unique and specific to the needs of my students. This has included the physical challenges we take on and the language which we use at the school. In 2020 Kew High School are additionally bringing our year seven student camp program across to KFA from another provider because I know that they can offer us something that is unique, innovative, fun, exciting and is all backed up by current research into resilience and student wellbeing.

Kate Evans

Director – Infrastructure Advisory Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

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