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Iconic Hikes

Awe in place and process

Journeys philosophy is to be an extension of your schools values and aspirations in the experiential learning setting – a long term partner.

Journeys Iconic Hikes portfolio leverages the Young Rhythms program core elements and delivers them whilst ‘On the hill”. We find the most amazing awe inspiring locations to meditate, to have deep conversations and all around just be grateful.

Today we offer :

The Grampians (We are licensed for both traditional areas and the 2021 opened Grampians Peaks Trail)

Wilsons Promontory

Mt Dissapointment, and

Watchbox Creek.


Each have their own unique attributes and fit for cohort and outcome aspirations.

Find out why a hike with us would be different.


Who does Journey currently partner with?

The program at Kinglake Forest Adventures was well tailored, in order to best meet the wellbeing needs of our students and prepare them for their final year of schooling. We select KFA due to their innovative approach towards programming and their flexibility in tailoring the structure of our Retreat to align with both our school culture and our goals for our students. The KFA staff are friendly and welcoming, allowing the students to feel at ease, whilst encouraging them to challenge themselves, work as a team, reflect on their strengths and step outside of their comfort zone.

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