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Cultural Immersion Journeys

Purposeful and explicit development and wellbeing

Journeys philosophy is to be an extension of your schools values and aspirations in the experiential learning setting – a long term partner.

Journeys Cultural Immersion Journeys leverage the Young Rhythms program core elements and delivers them whilst travelling and experiencing culture rather than outdoor recreation. Wheter it’s a busy city or a long journey, we find the most amazing awe inspiring community spaces to meditate, to have deep conversations and all around just be grateful.

Today we offer :

The Whitsundays. Reef. Ecobarge cleanup contribution. Camp South Mole Island. Mountain Bike. Hike. Overnight sail. Snorkel. Chill. Shop.

In the pipeline are :

Larapinta Track



Find out why a hike with us would be different.


Who does Journey currently partner with? 

On behalf of my team and the school, I would like to thank you and your team for providing such a professional and high standard service. We share a lot in terms of our vision in providing the challenging but entertaining experience to push students’ comfort zone and learn more about themselves. I have received so many positive feedback from both school, students and their parents that students had a very good time.

I also appreciate your flexibility and understanding to accommodate our dynamic and demanding environment as it comes to the student’s well-being and health.



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